Around the world solo travel in 2190 days

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My provided itinerary here offers a general framework. For each segment of the journey, meticulous planning concerning lodging, border transitions, notable attractions, and travel protocols will be undertaken. Furthermore, crucial aspects such as selecting the appropriate vehicle, assessing weather patterns, meeting visa prerequisites, and evaluating road conditions must be accounted for to ensure a secure and successful expedition.

Karachi to Quetta and Beyond

  • Karachi to Hyderabad to Sukkur – Explore historical sites in Hyderabad and Sukkur.
  • Sukkur to Jacobabad to Quetta – Enjoy scenic drives and explore Quetta’s attractions.
  • Quetta to Taftan (Pakistan-Iran border) to Zahedan, Iran – Cross the Pakistan-Iran border and explore Zahedan.
  • Zahedan to Kerman to Shiraz – Visit historical sites and immerse in Persian culture in Kerman and Shiraz.

Middle East and Africa

  • Shiraz to Tehran, Iran – Explore Tehran’s landmarks and cultural sites.
  • Tehran to Baghdad, Iraq – Journey through Iraq, exploring Baghdad and its historical sites.
  • Baghdad to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Explore the vibrant city of Riyadh and its surroundings.
  • Riyadh to Muscat, Oman – Discover the rich culture and scenic landscapes of Muscat.

Africa and Europe

  • Muscat to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Explore the cultural and natural wonders of Tanzania.
  • Dar es Salaam to Nairobi, Kenya – Visit Nairobi and experience Kenya’s wildlife and culture.
  • Nairobi to Mogadishu, Somalia – Explore Mogadishu and its historical landmarks.
  • Mogadishu to Casablanca, Morocco – Experience the vibrant culture and diverse landscapes of Morocco.

Europe to South America

  • Casablanca to Barcelona, Spain – Discover the artistic and cultural richness of Barcelona.
  • Barcelona to Paris, France. Berlin, Germany. Tallinn, Estonia, Oslo Norway, and all the other European Union countries – Explore iconic landmarks and indulge in the culture.
  • Paris to London, Manchester, and Birmingham, United Kingdom – Visit England’s historical sites and attractions.
  • London to Buenos Aires, Argentina by loading my car on a ship and crossing the ocean) – Start exploring South America from Argentina.

South America to Return Journey

  • Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Carebeans, United States, Canada – Traverse through South America and North America.
  • Canada to Alaska to Russia – Cross to Alaska, and move through Russia and Mongolian Plains.
  • Russia to Australia to Japan – Explore Australia, and reach Japan.
  • Japan to China to Pakistan – Return to Pakistan via China.

The proposed itinerary provides a foundational structure for the journey. Each leg of this extensive adventure will demand meticulous attention to detail, encompassing comprehensive planning for accommodations, seamless border crossings, must-visit landmarks, and adherence to travel guidelines. Additionally, pivotal elements like selecting the most suitable vehicle, thorough examination of weather forecasts, fulfilling visa requirements, estimating the overall cost of the expedition, seeking potential sponsorships to support the journey, and assessing road conditions across diverse terrains are critical factors that demand consideration. These meticulous preparations are paramount to guarantee a safe, successful, and rewarding expedition throughout the entirety of this remarkable odyssey.

Join me on this transformative journey that extends beyond just myself; it encompasses all of us—every reader, supporter, and dreamer—united in a shared vision. Your involvement isn’t merely passive; it’s an active participation in shaping a dream that transcends boundaries and spreads the profound message of peace across the globe. Your support fuels this endeavor, guiding us through the shared ambition of uniting nations and cultures. Together, we embark on this odyssey, not just as individuals but as a collective force for positive change, making our aspirations a reality. Thank you for being part of this extraordinary expedition.

Kindly offer your valuable suggestions and recommendations for any further enhancements or additions that could elevate this journey!

Sadiq Ishaq Shah
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