Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Jamesbond Island - Phuket
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Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Thailand a Southeast Asian country, is one Tourists’ destination “A lister” that Is now the best accessible heaven on Earth. Apart from the locals’ smiles and exotic places it has to offer their lucky tourists, the country is rich in culture and history only adding to its already powerful allure.

Jamesbond Island - Phuket Phi Phi Islands

 Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world with 32.6 million tourists that visited there in 2016 and anyone who’s gone there before will confirm that it’s justly so.

Where else can one find the hospitality of such luxurious hotels at such cheap prices? Where else is there such an electric energy in the warm night air? Yes, I am talking about Bangkok and the magic it’s street entail. Ravel in the culture the local temples have to offer or just take a walk through its Chinatown where there’s something extravagant waiting at every corner, better yet why walk at all when you can take a soothing boat ride down a market that’s floating. And don’t forget the mouth-watering local dishes they have to offer. Bangkok should be the first name that should be in your list of places to see if you value culture and want to seek adventure at the same time.

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Other than Bangkok, Pattaya is sure to be visited if you go to Thailand. Only 147.5 Km away from its eccentric brother, Bangkok, Pattaya is widely known for the clear blue water you’ll find at the beaches where the sun loving tourists will surely find their solace. Or if the tranquillity of a sun filled afternoon does not appeal to you, rest assured that the family friendly coast has quite a few tricks left up its sleeve. The water-sport based activities that are offered there are hard to beat elsewhere. The city, apart from its beaches, has many other attractions that interests the potential tourist. The toe curling cuisine, the pulsating nightlife, the shopping malls that offer everything you can think of along with the fascinating temples that are found across Thailand will be enough to keep your schedule packed with exciting things to do.

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