The Mystique Of Valley Swat

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The Mystique Of Valley Swat is the only region upon which the Creator has been over gracious and benevolent regarding natural beauty and serenity. This realm of beauty and serenity is situated to the north of Pakistan in Hindukush mountain range and has been the abode of several ancient cultures. Apart from its historical significance, valley of Swat is reputed all over the globe for its fascinating landscapes, crystal clear water torrents, diverse flora and fanna, hospitality, ancient relics and mesmerizing lakes which attract innumerable number of diverse nature lovers from all over the world.


Valley of Swat is a unique, beautiful and glittering jewel created by Almighty that is an exact replica of the glorious Alps in Switzerland. It is certainly a paradise for nature lovers where they can feast their eyes. The lush green and historic valley is an integral part of the strategic and significant region where three parts of the Asian continent–South Asia, Central Asia and China, meet.

The names found in ancient sources for Swat are Udyana and Suvastu because of the scenic beauty of the valley and the name of the river respectively.


Alexander the Great came here in 327 BC en route India and conquered Bazira and Ora. At his departure the inhabitants of the area threw off Greek yoke, and enjoyed either independent or semi-independent status subsequently. In the meantime Buddhism penetrated here and Swat became center of Buddhist/Gandhara civilization.

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