Murree & Galliyat

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Murree and the Galliyat (Murree Hills)
Series of wonderful Hill Resorts on the ridge between Patriata, Murree and Abbottabad. Murree is a very popular hill station about 55 km north of the capital Islamabad while Abbottabad is a city in Khyber Pakhtunkhaw province with a very British atmosphere. Connected by a beautiful road.


The main tourist stay on this road is the town of Nathia Gali, Donga Gali & Ayubia. Nathiagali is known as the City of Fog for it can get very foggy here. The usual definition of fog doesn’t stands here. Fog here means visibility reduced to only few feet. This area receives the highest rainfall in Pakistan.

The beauty of this area is it’s lush green hills and mountains with wonderful pine trees and the wild life is also one of it’s major attractions. The area is just brilliant with its natural beauty, good hotels and with all modern facilities It can get cold even in the summers so keep your warm cloths with you.


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