Shah Noorani Jeep Safari

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Shah Noorani
Frequently visited by people of all school of thoughts, who pay homage to the two great sufis of the sub-continent, mixer of 128 km (one way approx 4-hrs driving time) includes on road & off road drive from Karachi.
The Shrine of Shah Noorani
Accessible by road, it is said Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar also visited this place & stayed for some time.
The area in and around Shah Noorani is filled with strange stones having shape of animals, reptiles etc.
Fresh water streams are found in every nook & corner for devotes
Lahoot Lamakan
Further 8 Km ahead has a difficult approach. Devotes have to travel & cross seven mountains to reach this place. The other route which is a little easy is where Iron Stairs have been erected to facilitate the comers.
Foods This is advised that you must take your food with you as you wont find good hotels on this adventure safari tour, food can also be arrange for our guests according to the requirements of season.
Where to stay

In Camp in Shah Noorani, Mohabbat Faqir or in Midway at River Side.
The location is clean, attractive and away from noisy atmosphere. Himalayan Travel provides the facilities of quality weather prof camps / Tents.

Note: Booking minimum 15-days before departure date.

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