Thar Desert

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Thar Desert – This part of Pakistan is very safe and one sees nothing against the west or western people!

Thar Desert one of unique Deserts of the world in addition the Kaaroonjher Mountain, Runn of Kutchh, ancient historical temples of Jeen era, centuries old worship and prayer places of Hindus and Muslims streams, fountains, dunes and forts.

Thar Desert spreads over 22000 square kilometer, is mostly desert except for a small portion of hills situated in Taluka Nagarparkar and small part of barrage terrains where livelihood of above one million people depends on rain fed agriculture and livestock rearing. While the local crops and wild foods of this desert are totally organic as the area is yet free from corporate farming.

Thari organic foods can also be arrange for our guests according to the requirements of season. In this regards the menu includes of pure honey, butter, Desi Ghee, loaves of millet with vegetables of mushroom, Chibher, water and musk-melon, (gidro and chhanhio) amaranths (mariro), Raita etc

Thar Desert is also widely known for folk music and melody, its soil has given birth to renowned singers including Murad faqir, Mai Bhagi, Mohan Bhagat, Saroop Bhagat, Budho faqir, Hussain Faqir, Saluram Bhagat and others, their voices yet add to the beauty of this Desert.

Where to stay:
At Guest Houses situated in Mithi City.
Locations are clean, attractive and away from noisy atmosphere.
Guest House provides the facilities of quality lodging and boarding.
Guest House is also fully equipped with all basic facilities including Telephone, Standby Generator, Air Conditioned Rooms, TV, Computer, Internet, Transport facilities, Dry Cleaning and humble Guides for visit of Thar.

Note: Booking minimum 10-15-days before departure date.

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Thar Desert Tour of 3 Days 2 Nights

The Thar Desert in Pakistan is a unique and captivating landscape, surrounded by the bustling cities of Sindh and the rugged terrain of the Kirthar Mountains. This vast, arid expanse is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including camels, blackbuck, and desert foxes, as well as fascinating ancient ruins and traditional villages. A visit […]
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Thar Desert Private Tour of 4 Days 3 Nights

The Thar Desert in Pakistan is a breathtakingly beautiful and rugged landscape, known for its endless sand dunes, striking rock formations, and vibrant local culture. Visitors to the region can explore the area’s rich history and cultural heritage through visits to traditional villages, ancient forts, and cultural centers, while also experiencing the unique natural beauty […]
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